Can I put my desktop ssd in my laptop?

Yes I know it will fit physically. I have no internet where I moved to yet and want to install some games.
My laptop HDD is small but my desktop ssd is 120 GB.

Would it be fine to throw in just to use stream to download a few games, our would there be conflicts with drivers?
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    You mean put the SSD in the laptop, boot from it, install some games....?
    That will not work.
  2. To expound on what USAFRet said, to just transplant the SSD from your desktop to your laptop will not work reliably. Expect to do a reinstallation of Windows after installing the SSD to the laptop, at which point it should work fine. Also, before you do so, back up anything of importance on the SSD.
  3. the windows itself will not work due to change of hardware (ie board)
    and then you have drivers and everything.
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