I'm not sure how to remove an old Thermaltake CPU cooler

I'd like to know the model of this CPU cooler as well as how to remove it.
Here are some pictures of the cooler
If there is anything extra you need, let me know
Thanks for your help : )
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    this is a old intel cpu cooler so unscrew the fan then use a flat screw driver to press the flat bar in the middle of the fin then unclip both side of it keeping the pressure on the flat bar until both clip are off the motherboard .
  2. I got the fan off and the metal bracket (probably could've left that on), but I can only get one side loose (the side closest to the RAM).
    Is there something I'm doing wrong? Should I be using a lot of force?
  3. press in the middle to it will loose both side .
  4. super! I just wasn't pressing hard enough (didn't wanna break it)

    I got it off, thanks for your help and thanks for being patient : )
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