R9 280 vs 280x TDP/Power consumption question

Can someone help me clarify whether the R9 280 and 280x consume the same amount of power and use the same wattage?..
I was looking online and gpuboss ( claims that the 280 has a lower TDP by 50.
And hardware compare ( claims that they're both at 250. I'm just curious because I have a somewhat limited psu but i'd rather consider a R9 280 over a GTX 760. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Hmmm since you can overclock 280 to get performance like 280x it shouldnt be the problem that any one of them you can buy. Tell me which psu do you have?
  2. My psu is, 50% of the people I ask in different forums say I can run 280/x gtx760/770, the other 50% say it may be too risky.. so i'm kinda stumped. I honestly do not want to buy a new psu.. as the one I have is brand new.. but late enough where I cant rma.
  3. you still didnt told me how much watt you psu has.... how m i supposed to tell you if it is appropriate or not when i dnt know wattage of your supply. so please tell me model name of you supply
  4. I linked my power supply in the last comment I left. It's a Antec bp550 plus.
  5. sorry bro i didnt saw it. So r9 280x takes about 350 watts under full load and r9 280 takes 300 watt under full load. Thats the difference.So a 550 watt that too an antec ill do it for you but if you can upgrade to a 650 watt psu, its is always better to have some headroom....
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    I believe the 280 does use roughly 50 Watts less than the 280X. The 280 is basically a lower binned 280X with some components disabled on the board. The memory and core clocks are lower and it has some some disabled stream processors. The r9 280X has 2048 vs the 280's 1792. These figures always translate to lower power draw, so I'd say the 50 Watt power differential is most likely factual. Of course, there is no way to reliably guess what the card will draw when overclocked. AMD recommends a 750 Watt PSU for the 280X. This is most likely overkill. Going by that rule, an r9 280 would need 700 Watts, which again sounds like overkill to me. On Sapphire's website, it says the Dual X R9 280 requires a 500 Watt PSU. As AMD is known to overstate power supply requirements I'd say the Sapphire requirement is more realistic. I'm always the overkill type myself, but it looks like your PSU should power a 280, although it may die prematurely due to being closer to it's max output more often.
  7. Thanks, I'm just gonna suck it up and buy a new PSU.. better safe than sorry, right?
  8. No prob, glad to help! Couldn't agree more there. Nothing sucks harder than having to RMA your PSU to the manufacturer and not being able to game at the same time! Just be sure to get a Bronze certified PSU or higher. I'd recommend Corsair, XFX, or Seasonic. There are others out there too, but those 3 brands are the best I've used.
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