Will a 16GB ram kit work with an 8GB kit?

I'm aware that there are similar posts, but I want an answer for my situation particularly. I currently have a G Skill sniper 8GB kit, due to the fact I do heavy video editing and rendering I would like to up my ram, since I came into some extra money I thought I would skip 16 and go straight for 24, will the 16GB g skill sniper kit work with my current 8GB kit?
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    Yes it may work. Just to be sure, buy the kit having same serial no as of the current 8GB RAM. By the way, 16GB is sufficient for your stated work. Why not 2x8GB?
  2. It's usually better to have 8 or 16 or 32 or 64gb.

    Just buy one more stick of the same Sniper ram.

    You gotta remember that you would be manipulating a hell of a size files to warrant more than 16gb
  3. If even trying to mix DRAM it's advisable to try with identical sets (and there's no guarantee even in that), as mixing sets is of itself possibly problematic, you are compounding it by mixing 4GB sticks with 8GB sticks....I'd go with a 2x8GB with the intent of having 16GB...period If the 4 GB sticks will play, then it's a bonus, and if they won't play, give me a shout can often get them to play with fairly minor timing and/or voltage adjustments
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