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Hi there! I wasn't sure where to put this, sorry if its in the wrong spot ^^; I have an Asus Aspire v3-571G laptop with a dual monitor setup on Windows 8. It's a fairly powerful computer, but it seems to have a problem running some particular games. I thought at first it was just Tomb Raider and tried looking for help on their forums, but then I noticed I was having the same problem with a few other games as well, like East India Company which I had no problem running in the past.

What typically happens is that I will play the game for about 10-14 minutes, then the laptop will make a very loud whirring noise, like it was first reading a CD drive, and my FPS will significantly drop, even in the menus of the game. It becomes more than unplayable, I almost can't exit the game because the cursor moves so sporadically. If I just wait another 5 minutes ago, it will make the same whirring sound and my FPS returns to normal.

I have tried looking into RAM/virtual memory problem, but I couldn't understand the virtual memory solutions: it seemed really complicated. My roommate said it sounded more like an overheating issue than a memory problem. I used a program to track my temperatures and there is no difference between the massive lag spike and normal game running. Im willing to trust it as well, since just running the game cycles between lag and normal without fail at the same time intervals, whether I'm actually playing it or not, even with not very GPU/CPU intensive games.

This problem doesn't occur with League of Legends, Batman: Arkham Asylum (though that has a tendency to crash randomly, which I'm sure is unrelated), or Xcom. I'm really confused as to what the problem is.
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  1. Sounds like something is being throttled because of the temps, you might not necessarily notice a huge temperature difference because a) the fan is going full blown now and B) it's likely the GPU has reduced the clock significantly so that it won't get any hotter than max. Can you keep track of your cpu and GPU clock rates when running these games to see if they go down?
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