Help me choose the best PSU For ASUS 770 2GB OC

So here is what i have under my hand just point out what is the best one that i should go with,thanks.

(The asus 770 Direct II OC uses 6-pin/8-pin Power Connectors)

XFX XXX Edition 850W 80+ Bronze

XFX Core Edition 550W 80+ Bronze

Seasonic X 650W GOLD

Seasonic S12II-520w Bronze

Maybe the Seasonic X 650W GOLD ?

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  1. well, if you plan on adding a second 770, then get the 850 watt, and if not, the seasonic 650 watt is the best for you.
  2. Hi VERX
    you want 600 watts minimum
    Seasonic X 650W GOLD or if you want lots of headroom and maybee add a card later
    XFX XXX Edition 850W 80+ Bronze
  3. XFX XXX Edition 850W 80+ Bronze since it is cheaper.
  4. Best answer
    This is also a good choice , if you can stretch your budget
    it has high grade japanese capacitors and will give you lots of headroom
  5. Thanks for the help guys,ill be going with the Supernova 850w gold.
  6. you are most welcome , i hope it all goes well for you , all the best
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