Hi!I have a question for you guys.How can I use my 16GB Kingston 2.0 USB as a hard drive? I want to boot a small Linux

Hi!I have a question for you guys.

How can I use my 16GB Kingston 2.0 USB as a hard drive? I want to boot a small Linux
distro from my USB and after I have booted it, I also want to use the USB as HDD.
(I know how to boot the USB and stuff but I don't know how to turn it into a HDD to save documents and stuff on it)

How can I do this?
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  1. Burn the ISO to another USB stick or a DVD. Boot off that, then select your USB stick as the install destination. This won't easily move to a different computer, but boots quickly and has the normal security turned on.

    The other option is to use Universal USB Installer to write the ISO to the USB, but set it up with a large persistence file. This essentially works like the LiveUSB, but remembers stuff. Zero security, but remembers documents and installed programs.
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    Instructions for external drive with pictures and everything. Don't worry about how old it is it's still the same procedure. Make special note that when you create the new partition the one where you want Linux, and any of them are small enough, that partition needs to be marked mount point "/".

    You can boot nearly every computer from this by turning off safe boot if it's there and choosing USB as your boot device.
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