Pro 550W Core Edition Enough for GTX770?

XFX PRO 550W CORE EDITION (forgot to put xfx on the title)

I won't use a GTX770, but probably a GX870 (when it releases) Will it be enough? The only other PSU that seems decent in the shop I'm going to buy is the Corsair VS 650W.

This is the site. If you want to see. It's in Portuguese though.

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  1. Yes, the XFX PRO 550W CORE EDITION is enough. Whatever you do, don't get the Corsair VS 650, it's not actually made by Corsair and its quality is way worse than that of the XFX power supply.
  2. GTX 770 needs 600W. There are no specs for a gtx 870. The Corsair VS series are not certified.

    pcdiga or pc componentes do not sell any good power supplies (Alimentacion). Try -
  3. The XFX Pro 550 delivers 528W on a single +12V rail, so it should be fine. The recommend PSU for a GTX 770 is 600W, but this has to account for the crappy no-name PSUs that don't deliver the wattage they claim.

    Both PSUs will do a god job, but I'd prefer the Corsair to give myself some extra headroom.
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