I7 4790k or i7 4930k which would be better for me

Hi I have a PC that I'm building right now I have 8 gigs of ram but plan on going to to 16 gigs a 750 corsair gaming psu an r9 290 4gig GPU and an Intel pentiumR dual core @3GHz my motherboard is a msi z87 g45 gaming I plan on upgrading my CPU to a 4790k or a 4930k I do a lot of video encoding and graphics work what I want to know is if the 4790k will work perfectly fine with (heavy video encoding) or if the 4930k would be best to buy if the 4790k will work then I would rather get that price wise but if 6 cores is going to be better off then I will get that idk I'm kinda just at a stand still for what to get it's my first time building a PC any help with this would be great
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    The 4930k is better for video encoding, rendering etc. Get 16GB 2133 ram too.

    4930k needs lga2011/x79 mobo eg ASRock X79 Extreme 6.

    An R9 290 will need a 650W power supply. Get a good one per

    eg XFX 550, Seasonic 620, EVGA Supernova 600 or Antec HCG 620M
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