Windows 7 is extremely slow / keeps crashing

Hi all

My laptop computer was working fine until last week when I noticed it had frozen. So I restarted it and it kept hanging on the desktop. I logged in using safe mode and via 'msconfig' disabled the all the startup programs apart from the Microsoft ones. This improved my computer meaning I could navigate at normal speed though folder in windows but as soon as I went to uninstall / install or run a program it will crash (I have 12gb of RAM).

I cannot do a system restore as there were no previous points saved. I have got the Window 7 upgrade DVD for a clean install. However I am reluctant to do this as it will mean having to install all my programs again. One last thing that's important is that Itunes installed an update on the day it crashed and when I tried doing a system repair with the installation DVD, it said it was unable to because of the following programs: And listed just Itunes. Itunes will not uninstall either through Add/remove programs. Does anyone know what the problem is with my laptop and if there is a way to fix it without doing a clean install.

Thanks alot for reading this and I with be eternally grateful is someone has a solution.

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  1. you may have to format and reinstall windows using a windows disc as this looks like a case of infected OS
    your OS may have been infected when you installed certain softwares that has viruses or malwares which have infected your entire OS
  2. what happens exactly when you attempt to uninstall itunes?
  3. The uninstaller loads up but takes alot longer that usual which then leads to the computer hanging. I also tried in safe mode but I got a pop-up message saying there's a problem with the Windows installer.
  4. that means your installsheild wizard must have gotten corrupt does it happens while uninstalling or installing any other program?
  5. It does unfortunately, although I was able to uninstall AVG in safe mode. Is there a way to repair the corrupt installer without running a clean install?
  6. The only way forward for you is now to do a complete reinstall of your windows by formatting your C drive and reinstalling all the components and programs again
  7. Ah crap, ok if that is the only option then I will do that. Do I have to do anything special to reformat it? Or do I just need to run the windows installation disk?
  8. insert the disk and restart the PC then go through the steps and Format your C drive completly and then install windows in it remember you must format your C drive only then it will help after that install your windows
  9. Ok thanks. Does it matter that I have the upgrade to windows 7 disk for Windows Vista or should I be able to format regardless?
  10. Yes it does I will advise you to use a Windows 7 disk instead of the upgrade disk
  11. after installing windows and all the impoertant softwares like office and antivirus and drivers ill advise you to take a backup image of the C drive just to be safe in the future
  12. Cool, thanks for your help and your quick responses
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    no problem just mark my answer as best
  14. After double checking last night it seems that I've told you some wrong information and Windows Installer does work for everything except Itunes / Quicktime / Bounjour etc. I also tried creating a new user account and when I logged in for the first time there were no programs which you'd expect, except for Itunes. Also I can open Itunes in normal windows mode but as with the whole system it is very slow and susceptible to crashing. When I bring up task manager there is a 'system idle' process which is using 99% of the RAM. Do you think this is a registry problem?
  15. all your apple applications have been corrupted like itunes and quicktime did you format and reinstall your windows?
  16. Yeah it looks that way. I haven't done the reformat yet as I need to get hold of the Windows 7 Installation disk as I only have the Upgrade from Vista disk. Do you think it's possible to fix this problem without a reformat?
  17. no as its too late now the only easy option is to reformat because today it is only the apple softwares tommorow it may come up in some other important softwares like office thats why Im telling you to format as it will clean up your C drive and start it as fresh and new
  18. Ok no problem. Do you know if I can get download a copy of windows 7 Installation disk? As I already have an upgrade DVD and serial number.
  19. go to microsofts main website
  20. Thanks very much pazdindalal for all your help!
  21. anytime no problemo
  22. 'system idle' process which is using 99% of the RAM

    This just means 99% is free, idle. That is normal.

    If it was me I would take one last stab at getting rid of itunes, maybe with a manual regedit, maybe by downloading this

    If re-installing windows is no big deal then just do that, depends on how much of a PITA re-installing is
  23. Cheers notherdude it was definitely something with the registry. I downloaded and ran CCleaner, cleaned everything and that solved the problem! I think i'm going to back up and do a clean install anyway as the CCleaner deleting files may cause problems with other programs. But I though this might be useful for anyone else reading.

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