how is this build for graphics intensive games??

hello how strong is this pc for bf4,crysis3 type games @ 1366x768 res plz give points within 1 to 10
cpu- intel core i3 2120@3.3ghz ( 1-10)
mb-asus p8 h61mlx3r2.0 (1-10)
gpu-msi geforce gtx 750ti 2gb ddr5 oc gaming (will buy 2 or 3 months later) (1-10)
psu-stock atx 400w (1-10)
ram-dual channel 8gb ddr3 1333 twinmos (1-10)
os-windows 8 pro x64
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    CPU = 5/10
    I recommend an i5 or AMD FX 6 or 8 core for these games. They are well threaded and run much better on 4+ cores. The i3 2100 series will hold you back here.

    MB = ???
    I don't know much about this board so I have no opinion

    GPU = 6/10
    The nVidia 750TI or the AMD R7 265 and R9 270 are very good budget GPUs. They can handle medium-high in most games.

    PSU = 3/10
    Don't go woth a generic PSU. Get a good branded PSU. XFX and Rosewill Hive are good budget PSUs that don't skimp on quality.

    RAM = 7/10
    8GB DDR3 is the sweet spot for gaming. I would bump this up from 1333 to 1600 though.

    OS = 9/10
    Windows 8 Pro is excellent, but probably overkill. You could save some money going with 8 Home Premium 64bit and you won't lose anything important.
  2. CPU: ~6
    MB: ~7
    GPU: ~5
    PSU: ~4 (stock PSU garbage)
    RAM: ~8
    OS: >1 (can't stand win 8 :D )

    THe GPU is kind of weak, good thing is your mobo allows you to upgrade something more viable though your cpu now isn't too bad. The monitor resolution is low enough that you should be able to play those games medium to high.
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