Looking for validation or alternatives on Asus Maximus VII Hero Z97 Motherboard

I'm in the process of upgrading my first home-built PC. I've recently bought a 6GB GTX780, and have a GTX570 from my existing build setup as a PhysX card.

I've decided to upgrade from my i7 950, which was overclocked at 4GHz to an i7 4790.

I'm likely to buy a set of 16GB RAM, (using two 8GB sticks for future upgradability) although that shouldn't be essential.

I already have two SSDs and an HDD and a NZXT Phantom 410.

Would the Asus Maximus VII Hero be a good motherboard for this? It's main purpose would be gaming, and I play a lot of CPU bound games like the ARMA and DCS series, so I'd be looking to overclock a bit. Would other motherboards around a similar price point be better? My current MB is an Asus Sabertooth X58. I'm wary of MSI motherboards, as I've heard they're not as good on quality control/build quality as Asus/Asrock/Gigabyte/EVGA.

I know this is a bit much for gaming, but I have the spare money just now, and more minor upgrades are likely to come later (ex. better SSD's)

As an aside, I'd like the GPU's to sit a little further apart than they do on my current MB. Last night, the 780 sucked the warranty sticker right off the 570, and made some very nasty sounding noises. Somehow, the sticker did not rip, even when I removed it from inside the fan.
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    Asus Maximus VII Hero Z97 < Great choice , they have great reliability and customer service.I have the previous version of the board love it.

    Great for Gaming or overclocking.
  2. Thanks.

    The question is now moot. I've only gone and ordered it.

    A needless upgrade, but I have the money now, and would have spent it on something else if not this.
  3. Enjoy it!
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