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Does anyone have any experience with in home streaming? I am planning on upgrading my motherboard soon as my main rig is a mini ITX system but I want to get into SLI configurations eventually. I figured might as well replace the CPU as well so I could make a steam box out of the old parts.

Do you need a GPU for streaming? I would want it to look as good as it would on the PC it would be streaming from (assume good network connection). The components for the streaming box are:

Gigabyte Z77N-WIFI motherboard
i5 3570K CPU

Then I would just pick up some cheap memory, psu, case, ect...

That CPU has HD4000 integrated graphics. Would that do or would I need a GPU as well?
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    No, you wont even need a GPU. I tested out streaming from my gaming PC to a low powered HTPC with a Pentium G3220 and no GPU and it worked well. It's more important to have a good network connection.
    Keep in mind there is still some input delay so streaming is not great for fast paced stuff like Call of Duty. I tried other games like Dark Souls 2 and The Witcher and it was near perfect though.
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