Strange SLI Issue - Intermittent Performance Issues

Hello all,

First off, my system:
i7-4820k processor @ 4.5GHz
GTX780 Ti SC x 2 in SLI
1000W power supply
30" Monitor with native res of 2560x1600

So the issue I am having is an intermittent issue with my graphics cards performance. I have yet to go through any formal troubleshooting process, but I wanted to ask the question to see if anyone has heard of such an issue, or identify a likely cause. Here is what happens:

Playing any game with SLI active, sometimes everything is great and I get outstanding frame rates. For example, at 2560x1600 I can get around 125 fps in BF4 with everything maxed. I could play like this for hours without issue. Then for no apparent reason at all, my frame rate will tank and drop to an unrecoverable 35fps. Looking at MSI afterburner shows both cards have been reduced from around 95% utilization down to about 30% utilization. This can happen within the same playing session. Usually rebooting corrects the issue (temporarily) but sometimes it doesn't.

This issue just sort of randomly comes and goes. I usually run into it 3 or 4 times per week. Does anyone have any similar experiences, or are there any likely causes I should explore first? The only thing I've really done so far was change SLI bridges, but that didn't help any. I also have the most current drivers, and did rollback to make sure it wasn't driver related. No dice. The part that really confuses me is the random nature of this.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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  1. That's strange. Try flashing to the latest bios, it could be something with PCIE bus or the chipset.

    How are your gpu temps?
  2. The gpu temps look good - between 65 and 70C during gaming. Of course the temps drop when the issue occurs reflecting the low utilization.

    I could try flashing the MB bios. Worth it to rule some things out. Thanks for the suggestion.
  3. Np. OH and before you do that, make sure to save your cpu voltages and other stuff before you flash bios since overclocking can be a pain when bios is set back to default.
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