Color accuracy... What is Delta E?

Monitor I'm looking at says it is calibrated to have a Delta-e of less than 5, which is apparently quite good. What does it mean though?
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  1. You could, you know, consult the great god google:
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    There are 3 elements on the CIELAB color scale - a scale that is used to quantify color:

    L - a single value that represents lightness
    a - a single value that represents red/green
    b - a single value that represents blue/yellow

    These 3 values are visualized (plotted) in a 3D space on an x (green/red),y (blue/yellow), and z (light/dark) axis to provide a quantitative measure of color. These measures are then compared against a standard for color accuracy.

    The delta E value is single parameter statement of the total color difference for all 3 of those parameters from a known standard. Higher numbers represent worse color accuracy in relation to the standard.
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