i5 4690k open box deal good?

Microcenter has open box for an i5 4690k for $160 which obviously would be a really good deal, but my question is: is open box deals okay, as in the cpu would be fine, or should i just spend the extra $40 and get a brand new one?
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    open box is fine means its been tested and put back into the box.

    160$ is a great deal id take it :)

    even if its open-box u still have the same intel warranty as a new one so no difference.
  2. okay thanks a lot, i will be getting this one then :D
  3. I'm jealous. :)
  4. It could mean that the processor was horrible at overclocking and ran really hot so the person returned it and purchased another one hopping it was binned better!
  5. CPUs are never touched a lot so it should be fine.
  6. why is it open box to start with?? you may be taking a chance on someone else's damaged part or a store sample that they used to play around with.. is it 100% money back?? that's too important and costly part for me to risk its hard enough to get a good part unopened full retail as it is

    but in the end its your call on that it may be a good deal
  7. im pretty shur thats not the case openbox means

    buyers think of 'Open Box' items simply as returned items that a customer found defective in some way. Although, this may actually be the case in some listings, the majority of sellers that list 'Open Box' are reputable dealers that present a real bargain. The reason sellers can offer this great deal is due to them being able to locate and acquire items at a fraction of the retail price. In many cases, the items being sold are of equal quality as items advertised as new, but with deep discounts
  8. for the $40 diff. better to get the piece of mind the goes with it .. were you there to see it tested?? I guess they can tell you anything in the hope you will fall for it and get it out of there hair , right? and then if it is bad now your down and your on the horn with them to rma it then they say 'well it was open box that's sold as is -sorry'' now your back paying for another chip when all you had to do was spend that little $40 difference to start with
  9. well it carries the same warranty as a new one, no difference honestly.

    and its fully functional. its coming from microcenter not some punk off the street :D
  10. hmm, well you all make good points. i suppose i'll probably just make the decision in store.
  11. up to u but ive bought open box items never had issues tbh.
  12. ya i'll probably just go with open box, i looked and they have a return policy in store anyway.
  13. aight cheers lmk if u need more help
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