Asus blu-ray internal burner giving me troubles.

Hi all,

Thanks in advance for anyone who takes the time to respond.

So I just ordered an Asus blu-ray burner drive, internal. Here it is: http://

It's the ASUS BW-12B1ST/BLK/G/AS 12X Blu-ray Internal Burner Drive. This is my first blu-ray drive for my PC. I have an extensive collection of blu-ray movies and silly as it may seem, a big part of why I got this drive now is so that I can watch them on my PC if I wish to. Burning blu-rays with data storage on them is a secondary thing I will do at some point.

I installed the drive just fine the other day. Windows 7 (64bit) recognized it fine as far as I could discern. It picked up on what it was, correctly identified the drive, and everything seemed fine. I learned that software which plays blu-rays is still a bit of a hassle to get ahold of, and found out a couple of the well regarded ones. PowerDVD being the one I saw referenced most. So I bought a copy of that program... and when I loaded it up, it said "There is no disc in the drive. Insert a disc to begin." When there absolutely was a blu-ray in the drive.

I tried a couple of different blu-ray movies. Same thing. I tried a DVD movie, and that worked fine. The program identified the disc, and played it just fine. So then I did some research for a bit and couldn't really figure anything out. I ended up buying ANOTHER program (AnyMP4) to try that. Same thing!

Eventually I tried burning a blank DVD (I didn't have any blank blu-rays) to see if burning was working. I did this through Windows Explorer as is my typical practice lately. It did the normal "how do you want to use this disc?" prompt, and when I selected "Like a USB stick" as I always do, it said it was starting formatting the blank DVD. It did that for a while and then said it had failed to format the disc. I tried another blank DVD. Same thing. I tried to tell it to burn anyway, didn't work.

I now have some blank dual-layer 50gb blu-rays but only 3 and I don't want to screw them up. All I've done so far is put it in, and Windows Explorer does in fact recognize it and shows the right amount of "space remaining" - I have not yet tried to burn to one. I'm hesitant.

I spoke with Asus customer support via online chat and they pretty much rushed right to "return it to Amazon, it's probably defective. There's nothing really that we can troubleshoot with software." And indeed, I have opened an RMA with Amazon and likely will return it. My PC has a habit of giving me headaches any time I try to do anything with new hardware, though... and I can't shake the feeling that there just MIGHT be something I'm missing. Something I did wrong. Something about how Windows is interacting with the drive... something.

I came here to see if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, before I go ahead and mail it back. The only other thing I think I can mention is that there was a piece of blue tape over one corner of the drive which said "if broken, return drive" or something like that. I scrutinized it to see if it seemed like it needed to be removed before I installed the drive... but it didn't appear to be covering anything, other than just a corner like the other side of the drive had. A little bit of a gap into the interior under it... but I saw no reason to remove it, and left it on. Let me know if that was colossally stupid and if I need to remove it after all.

Sorry to be so long-winded, it's a fault I have. Thanks again anyone who reads this and/or responds.
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  1. For grins, before you return it, try getting some other free blu-ray playback software and try it.

    Writing optical discs for me remains more of a black art than a science. I know some I have will write, others won't.
  2. Before you return the BR drive, you should try the update for the powerDVD first, because it does have some kind of hassle you need keep up the update for some kind of the BR software key. Or like Karsten75 said, you may try other free BR playback software, like Aurora Blu-ray Player

    powerdvd update

    I used Corel WinDVD Pro 2011 and the Aurora Blu-ray Player too, both of they work well. Just try it.
  3. I've now tried two more blu-ray player programs, for a total of 4 different players (though two of them looked to be the same program with two different names) and none have successfully played a blu-ray.

    They've all indicated in some way or another that they aren't seeing the disc properly. "Invalid blu-ray file" two of them said (the identical 2) and another said "There is no disc in the drive" as previously mentioned. The final one just didn't even show the drive when I tried to browse to it via the program.

    Yet the drive shows up in Windows Explorer... and when a blank blu-ray is in it it correctly sees how much free space it has...

    What is the normal behavior for a blu-ray MOVIE disc in Windows Explorer? Should I be seeing the movie's name next to the drive letter? What should I see if I attempt to browse a blu-ray movie disc?
  4. Make sure you purchased Power DVD Ultra.
  5. I got just regular PowerDVD not Ultra but why is that important? The version I have claims to play blu-ray movies...
  6. Yes , only the Ultra or Pro can recognize the Disc , that's why your drives states that it's not there.

    Standard Power DVD WON'T SEE IT.
  7. I must admit, I'd have thought the Pro version was all that was needed to play back Blu-Ray movies.

    Edit: Little more scratching and they have a "standard version - lower than "pro" and the Standard version can't play Blu-ray. Either the Pro or Ultra versions can, though.
  8. Ultra or PRO , not standard.
  9. To tell you the truth WinDVD PRO is much better.
  10. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    To tell you the truth

    My favorite pet peeve... :)
  11. I own Win DVD Pro AND Nero Platinum and they both play Blu-ray better than PowerDVD.
  12. Geosurface said:
    I got just regular PowerDVD not Ultra but why is that important? The version I have claims to play blu-ray movies...

    Compare PowerDVD Versions.
    Sorry I don't know why it is the chinese version. I get the right one.
  13. He probably purchased standard by mistake.
  14. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    He probably purchased standard by mistake.

    Still doesn't explain why all the other free Blu-Ray playback programs couldn't play anything back either, though.
  15. There are no legit free ones , real legit players are licensed through OneBlue.
  16. Okay thanks for the input folks I'm looking into what you've said.

    Meanwhile... what is expected behavior in Windows Explorer with a blu-ray MOVIE disc in the drive?

    And, how could the problems burning a blank DVD be explained?
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    You could still have a defective drive.
  18. It was indeed a defective drive. The new one arrived yesterday and I just tried it out. Working fine for blu-ray playback. Haven't tested DVD burning or blu-ray burning yet but I suspect it'll all work.
  19. Glad to hear!
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