USB Port/Input Broke Off, Fell Back Into Device


I just recently bought an Audiobox USB device. The USB cable (a 1.1) always had a hard time fitting in, often disconnecting with a shake of the device. It worked fine, but I just had to be careful. I just figured that either the cable itself was faulty, or a tiny piece was broken somewhere in the port. Just the other day I attempted to plug in the cable, and the port fell back into the device. I opened it up, and found the port/input loose in there, and tried to fit it back into its original spot. I crammed it a bit too hard, and a very small piece on the port (particularly one of four hook-like metal pieces that I believe latched onto a space in the circuit board) broke off. I was able to fit the port back into the place it originally was, but when I tried to plug the cable in, the piece just fell off like before. Is there any way to fix this problem at home without getting a repair done elsewhere?

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  1. Sounds either known defect (eww why are you using 1.1 USB at all? I think that is a issue to!) or your going to have to buy a new one.
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