Is This A Good Gaming PC Build?

Hello, Okay So Here's My Problem I'm A Teen In High School So Money Is Kinda Tight For Me (I'll Be Mostly Buying The Parts Myself) But I'm Wondering If This Is A Good PC Build And If This Build Would Last.
If Not Can You Recommend Any Better Builds?
So Here Are The Parts:
AMD Athlon X4 750K Or 760K (Not Sure Which One)
2Gb Gigabyte Radeon R9 270X
8Gb Corsair Vengeance DDR3 Ram
1Tb Western Digital Caviar Black
Corsair CX 750 Watt
Cooler Master Haf 912 Mid Tower Case

Or This Build Is Better:

Intel iCore i5 4690k
Asus Z97 Motherboard
2Gb Gigabyte Radeon R9 270x
1Tb Western Digital Caviar Black
Corsair CX 750 Watt
Corsair Vengeance DDR3 Ram
Cooler Master Haf 912 Mid Tower Case
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  1. What is the total budget that you will have to work with? The Athlon X4 is not a great CPU and the FM2 socket type doesn't have any upgrades. If you can dig up about $200 to spend on the CPU + Mobo then get the fx-6300 or fx-8320 with a Gigabyt GA-UD3P motherboard. The rest of the build looks good but the you wouldn't need 750w unless you planned to crossfire another 270x in the future (not recommended on the Corsair CX series, they use cheap capacitors that do not do well with heavy loads, also the Athlon would definitely hold back CF 270xs).
  2. Can You Check The Other Build
  3. Im Not Really Sure About My Budget As I Type This Im Using My Old 2002 HP PC So I Really Wanna Upgrade
  4. Best answer
    750 watt is an overkill 600 watt psu is more than enough for your system and your 2nd build with the i5 4690k is much better.. :)
  5. The Intel build is MUCH stronger than the AMD one. If you have the money for the second build I would highly recommend it. You don't need a 750W PSU, though, unless you plan on adding another GPU in Crossfire soon. I would go with a higher quality 550W - 600W PSU. The XFX TS Series P1550SXXB9 550W is a high quality PSU for a great price.
  6. Make sure your CPU is Compatible with Your Motherboard Get the i7-4790k Its the Fastest and most Reliable CPU on the Market but it comes with a price 1. You need a Power supply with good Voltage like Corsair 2. Get a better RAM like Corsair Dominator its only like 100 Bucks 3. Get a Solid State Drive (SSD) instead of a Hard drive its much Faster 4. Get Some Thermal compound it takes away lots of heat from The CPU!

    Well i Hoped this Helped You!
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