What graphics card should i upgrade to? price range ~200-250~

I want to run games like dayz on medium to high graphics my current specs are:

Windows 8.1
intel core i5 4440 (3.1GHz)
8GB ddr3 memory

what card would be the best for my money?
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    For the budget, either of these:

    GTX 760:
    R9 280:

    Or if you want to go over budget:

    R9 280X:

    These cards require 30 Amps on the 12v rail & a 500-550W PSU minimum

    GTX 760 requires 2x 6 pin supplementary power connectors & the R9 280's 1x 6 pin & 1x 8 pin.
  2. If i were you i would get this.

    Its a good card with 3GB vram and requires 750Watt psu.
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