I know what to do to fix my pc but I dont want to do it cause I will lose all my data and programs, help?

I posted this before but no one will help me so I thought I'd revamp it... My PC had a problem, Dell XPS 420, something happened, thought it was the GPU but it only temporarily messed up the pc, now it seems the sound driver is uninstalled and every site I go to online has an error popping up saying the site is untrusted, even yahoo... I need help, I know I can solve the issues by restoring to factory default but if I do that then I have to go through installing all the programs and files and the like... what can I do? the system restore doesn't even work though it says it was successful...
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    is the time and date correct
  2. it was till I pulled the battery on the motherboard, thinking that might fix something (which it didn't)
  3. If the time and date are not correct, your security certificates will be invalid, and you'll get security errors. Change the time and date, and make it correct, and the errors will go away.
  4. no, just no, I don't know how much this does not apply to my situation...
  5. For the record, I fixed the website issue... The sound driver still wont work... I look on sites and they say do this or that but none of them fix my issue... the only option I guess is to factory restart my pc... :(
  6. Well, seems after doing the extreme and factory resetting the pc, it seems as though the built-in sound card still wont work, leading to my assumption that the device has a total electronic failure...
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