Individual windows change resolution on HDTV through HDMI?

This is a problem I have never seen before and searched but couldn't find anywhere.

So I hooked up my tv through HDMI to my computer, and messed with the overscaling and everything was fine. I was on the desktop, so I assumed all was good. The picture looks nice and everything. Icons look correctly sized. But then I dragged chrome over to it.

Now, what happened, was when I dragged chrome over, chrome looked as though it was on a low res screen. But the desktop doesn't. So, I tried other windows.

The Screen resolution properties window changes as well. Then I realized the mouse also looks large. So I checked resolution. Says 1920x1080 like it should.

So what I am confused about, is why on earth are the windows changing? It's like they thin they are on a low res screen.

XFX Radeon 7870
Sharp LC42SV49U

and I have the hdmi mode to graphic, which I also tried video.

So any help would be helpful. I'm thinking it's a CCC problem. But I can't figure what.
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    Welp, apologies. Didn't think it would be "Make text and other items larger or smaller" under the properties. Hahaha. I feel so stupid cuz it was right there, but for someone that has never touched that, you can probably understand my worry. Haha. Good day
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