Quick Question about Memory Express Heatsink Mounting (Calgary)

Hello! I have a quick question, I am building my own system soon (YAY!) and, Im wondering if i should get Memory express to put on the heatsink for me, Or if i should do it my self, My concern is that you have to put the stock coolers on in such a way, to get it spread evenly.

I don't mind them doing it, I just mind my cpu NOT running pretty hot (is 45c on idle hot for a 4670?)

all answers appreciated.
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    putting the heatsink really is not rocket science , put a small drop of thermal paste on the middle of the CPU, no need to spread it evenly, and then place the heatsink on top of it making sure that when you install it the heatsink is leveled to assure that the thermal paste is spread even under the heatsink.

    hope that helped!
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