Every time i clear or reset the bios or cmos the laptop battery works but....

I have a sony vaio laptop. I am having problems with the battery.

Sometimes the laptop stops detecting the battery. It does show the battery remaining but it does give power to the laptop.
I have to have the power plugged to the laptop so it can turn on.

I tried to use 3 different batteries and 1 brand new battery and same problem.

This is what sometimes happens.
If i clear the bios or cmos the battery starts working again when i turn on the laptop.

After it reaches a 100% full battery the battery stops charging but that is when laptop stops detecting or receiving power from the battery but it shows the battery remaining. If i disconnect the power adaptor from the laptop, the laptop will turn off.

This also happens,
Battery at 50% with computer turned on and then turn off laptop and leave it charging over night, the battery will charge to 100% but laptop will not turn on with power adaptor disconected from laptop.

Other situation.
If i reset bios or cmos the battery will work with the laptop. I can turn it off and turn it on without power adaptor and still work but until the battery discharges or reaches again 100%.

If you have and idea of what it is and what can i do, I would really apreciate it.
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  1. Double check the connections from the battery to the laptop. Clean them.
  2. Can someone else tell what you think what could it be?

    I do not think is the contacts, Even so I cleaned them but no difference.
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    I think the charging port inside the laptop is faulty. Get the laptop tested and if necessary get a new charging port put in.
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