Comparing two H81M boards

Please look at this from the perspective of NOT upgrading for several years and this being your only/primary station.

Gigabyte H81M HD3 vs DS2V

Where I am purchasing the HD3 is exactly $10 more expensive.

Some things I notice right away are the much larger number of USB 3.0 on the HD3, dualbios support (not sure what this is), and the 4kHD support.

The USB ports seems like a huge convenience factor alone -- I mean it's $10 difference and there could be a time over the next few years that I want to use more than two 3.0 ports.

I'm also curious about the 4kHD support. Will most graphic cards support this, thus nullifying the benefit of having a mobo with the option? Or is it necessary to have the capability per the mobo? Right now my Tv/Monitor is very small and it would be useless I think, but again in 3 or 4 years...who knows.

TL:DR The cost difference is only $10 and I won't be upgrading for over several years. Are there enough options/differences that I would be shooting myself in the foot now and regretting it later not to get the HD3 over the DS2V?
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    4K support is nonsense . Im not even sure if intel make cpu's that support 4K resolutions , and the playback at 24 Hz [ 24 fps] would make gaming impossible , but movies OK
    If you are using a discrete graphics card then either board is just as capable .

    Recently I built an HTPC using the GA-H81M-HD3 because it has the option of 5.1 sound . The other board only has 2 or 2.1 output based on the rear ports . It also doesnt have an hdmi out which was a consideration .

    IMO pay the extra $10

    Be aware though that the board is narrow by an inch or so than a standard m-ATX board . It fits the same mounts , but the components are cramped and fitting an aftermarket cooler was a challenge
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