Intel i7 4930k (Ivy-Bridge) vs. AMD FX-9590 processor for Video Encoding

Intel i7 4930k - Ivy Bridge = 6 Cores (12 with hyper-threading)
AMD FX-9590 - Unlocked = 8 Cores at a stupid fast 4.9 GHz

So the question becomes which one is better for video encoding. I tend to do alot of encoding when I rip DVD's to play on my Xbox 360. It's basically what eats my memory alive and why I have too have 16 Gigs of ram.

Reason and why, arguments will be reported if they are out of control.
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  1. the i7 4930k should do better if the encoding software can make use of hyperthreaded cores.
  2. hmmm, i will have to check.

    WinAVI Video Converter 10.0 Released Date: 2010-01-29
    1. Improved DVD navigation menu creator. Now creating a DVD menu only takes 10 seconds!
    2. Customisable DVD navigation menus.
    3. Supports multiple video/audio and subtitle streams from MKV files.
    4. Brand new professional advanced settings user interface.
    5. Supports multi-core processors. Convertion 200-400% faster. (Depending on your computer)
    6. Brand new more stable video decoder.
    7. Brand new SWF file decoder.
    8. Brand new AVI encoder, faster and more stable; supports H.264 codec.
    9. Automatic updates available.
    10. Brand new command line version, now more stable.
    11. Supports Vista & Win7, including 64-bit versions.
    12. All known bugs fixed.

    I'm guessing based on this it does???
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    The i7 4930k will do better than the FX 9590. it handels multi thread Computing really great, and it also does Single thread much better than the 9590 does, if you would also play games on the CPU :)
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