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I am building a gaming pc and looking for the best graphics card that will fit into bitfenix prodigy case. Hoping to enable all settings to be at max (anti-aliasing, shadow effects, textures... and so on) but my resolution will be limited to 1920x1080(aka my tv). What would you recommend for the best graphics card for around 650 USD?

Will a premium card be noticed on a limited resolution device or should i settle for something lower?

Thank you for your help and advice.
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    To truly max everything at 1920 x 1080 a GTX 780 or R9 290 are your best choices. A 780 Ti or 290X are slight overkill at least in my opinion. I have a 780 and have not been disappointed so far. Every title I have played including the extremely demanding Crysis 3 and Metro Last Light can be maxed although AA might not be at the game's maximum.
  2. I agree with the above. The 780 and 290 are great choices, though using a monitor over a tv would be recommend. I use a 780 ti with 2560x1440, but before I used it on a 1920x1080 monitor and it was still great.
  3. With that budget, there's no reason not to go for the #1 GPU, the GTX 780 Ti. I have one at 1080p, and the thought of overkill is both exciting and impossible to predict with certainty.

    I just completed playing Bioshock Infinite with every last setting turned up high, and it took everything the 780 Ti had to throw at it. Now, I'm running through the Witcher 2 with the dreaded "Ubersampling" setting enabled... at 50 FPS... perfect! The point is, there's always something that'll use all the power you can throw at it, and hopefully this purchase will last you a few years, so you never know what's coming around the corning (Witcher 3 anyone?).
  4. Well currently I am using a GTX 760 from asus and I am having no problems whatsoever running any game in 1080p (1920 x 1080) even with every thing maxed out... For 650 USD you could either save the extra money by getting a 760, 770 or even a 780. On the AMD side a r9 280, r9 280x or even a r9 290.
  5. I'm going to go with the gtx 780. Because of the layout of my apartment I can't really get a monitor and 200 extra dollars from not purchasing the ti can probably go into an sssd. Thank you so much everyone for the great help.
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