Do I have a Sata II or Sata III port?

I'm looking for an SSD, and I was debating between three different ones, I just figured I had the Sata III 6Gb/s port, but when I ran HdTune Pro, it shows standard Sata 2.6(3.0Gb/s). So if this is correct, It doesn't really matter which SSD, I go with, because the speeds will be capped at like 300-375Mb/s correct? So in this case, the Intel 335 series will perform as fast as the samsung 840 evo, correct?" class="img lazy">
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  1. Your thinking is correct, but remember if you ever upgrade your computer/laptop you can then use the sata III speeds, which is why I'd get the samsung evo.

    What laptop do you have? (just assumed laptop from lenovo)
  2. Lenovo S415 Touch with the A6-5200. I actually just upgraded to this computer earlier this month. I previously had a compaq cq57-229WM.
  3. And what do you mean upgrade your computer/laptop? Like get rid of this one, but keep the Samsung Evo? I plan to hold on to this one for at least 3 more years, as long as I don't break it lol. I plan to build a gaming desktop next summer. This laptop will basically just be used for college stuff once I build my desktop. So in 3 years from now, when I plan to replace this laptop, I'm sure they'll have sata IV or even Sata V with the way new computer stuff comes out like everyday lol.
  4. Oh ok, gotcha :)

    I thought this was going to be an older laptop or something; should have known it was newer by the size of the hard drive.

    Since it's newer it should actually have sata iii , either way though, I'd stick with the EVO since you said you want to upgrade in 3 years. I have a 3 year old SSD that is still running fine and I am not sure how long it will last considering it only gets modest use. (10 years?)

    Also, I think sata 4/5 will be super overpriced like most tech stuff when it comes out, so buying the best option now would benefit you.

    Even looking back 1.5 years ago, Memory was dirty cheap, but 1 year ago, it sky rocketed. Same thing happened before that with HDD prices and floods in asia. The same could happen for SSD, so I say again, get the EVO :P

    Last thing, why are you wanting a SSD for a laptop that you just use for college stuff? Just curious because if you are only typing notes or browsing, you probably won't need one.
  5. As of right now this laptop is my everything laptop lol. I mainly game on it, but I use it for school work, I use photoshop, premier pro, and after effects. I plan to possible do minor game recording on it in the future. I'm wanting to upgrade, as I almost always have my HDD running at 100% in my task manager when i'm running like 3 programs at the same time. I guess the evo it is, Ordering it now!
  6. Also, thanks!
  7. Oh, alright then!

    I thought if it was just for notes and browsing you could get a 16gb 3.0 usb drive as your hard drive and that could save some $, but never mind :P

    The EVO should really speed things up, probably more than you will expect; enjoy it ! :)
  8. Congratulations, you persuaded me into spending $50 more than I wanted to spend, hopefully it's worth it. I'm hoping I actually have sata III, and just for some weird reason it's not showing it. If not I guess I won't use it to it's full advantage till a few years from now.
  9. jaraldo said:
    Oh, alright then!

    I thought if it was just for notes and browsing you could get a 16gb 3.0 usb drive as your hard drive and that could save some $, but never mind :P

    The EVO should really speed things up, probably more than you will expect; enjoy it ! :)

    I figure it will be incredible considering my current random read speeds..." class="img lazy">
  10. Next upgrade I have is 8gb of ram, then a spare battery, after that, this computer should be great for my needs.
  11. The intel 335 was $50 less? Do you have a link, as I can't believe you can find an 120gb SSD for $35. Or was the size of the drive smaller?

    I wouldn't really be worried either way to be honest. You can reuse a 6.0gb/s SSD in many future builds, like your new laptop or desktop, while with an 3.0gb/s SSD you would be more limited.


    Your hard drive seem to only be 3.0gb/s, that is why :P
  12. Oh, I was looking in the 240-256Gb range. But yeah, the intel was $99.97 after the rebate.
    I bought the evo from Amazon, and after taxes, it came out to like $149.00. Should I consider canceling that order, and ordering the Intel 335 at that price? Because if I add like $40 more, I can also upgrade my ram to 8gb.
  13. Hey, that's my HDD lol, So, would you guess the port is 6.0gb/s, and they just went cheap and used a 3.0gb/s?
  14. Anyways, off to bed now, as work comes early in the morning. I'll read your reply, and reply in about 5.5-6 hours.
  15. I've also considered the crucial mx100, as it seems it is a bit faster than the 335, but not as fast as the evo. It is $110. Anyways, now off to bed.
  16. hamsterjugernaut said:
    Hey, that's my HDD lol, So, would you guess the port is 6.0gb/s, and they just went cheap and used a 3.0gb/s?

    I haven't owned a laptop for 4 years, so I thought they'd at least provide better HDDs by now, apparently not :| lol

    Yes, the 5400rpm is pretty slow for using as an OS, the Green drives from Western Digital use them and they are known for being snails. I'm guessing they put in the 5400 speed for reliability over performance though.

    As for the intel, that's up for debate. It's a refurbished one, so it could be 1 or more years used already and you wouldn't know. It won't come with warranty unless you do that Square Trade stuff, but that's $35 more.

    For reference, it best to use pcpartpicker first to see about prices.,320000

    If you wanted something for around $100, I'd go with the crucial m500 as it's usually the runner up to the EVO.
    If you are wanting to do that RAM upgrade, it may be the better way to go.

    Take a look at these and do some research before you decide :),3551-13.html
  17. Ah, I never caught the reseller box. That kinda puts the intel out of the picture as I don't like to buy electronics refurbished. I'll look more at the links when I get off from work, but from what I'm seeing, the MX100 beats the M500 in performance, and they're about the same price, the m550 looks to be faster than both the MX100 and M500, but at a price of $170, I'd rather get the evo. I think the Mx100 looks about the best bang for my buck, and then I can get the ram sooner, but I'll take a look at the links you sent in detail later.
  18. hehe, well it depends how fussy you want to be :P

    That link for example is just user benchmarks so I don't consider it much of anything personally. Second, simply because something looks a lot slower in benchmarks doesn't mean it will be on your computer; you are doing the wrong comparison :) It should be a HDD vs SSD.

    yes, it does look a bit slower, but the concern wasn't the SSD speed, the concern was updating an old computer. I believe you are just worried about having an experience similar to that of your current HDD, which is expected! :P
    If you compare any SSD to your current HDD you will be more than amazed and satisfied with what you get.

    But in the real user settings, those benchmarks aren't so accurate. You would probably not notice the speed difference between the m500 and the m550, all the while the m500 is $50 less ; take into consideration that you wanted to get a ram upgrade to.

    I'm not trying to get you into buyer's remorse mode, I'm just saying to not get into the consumer worry about buying something bad. I see some many people on here trying to build $1,500 computer for games that $700-800 pcs could play at max settings, or they expect them to last 10 years with decent performance...(think of the difference from a computer from 2006 compared to now) and for the most part it's all just marketing crap to get you to buy something more expensive.

    As an example, my 120gb Patriot Fyre that is 3 years old probably is not very fast, most likely worse than the m500, but it boots my computer up in 10-15 seconds and opens up applications pretty much instantly or within 1 second. This is 300%+ faster than the HDD I had before it.

    The mx100 would have been better than the m500 at it's current price, but it's not much faster either.

    So all in all, just be happy with your 840 EVO. Worst case scenario again being that you can just buy a $70 Crucial/Sandisk 256gb SSD next year to replace in your laptop and put your 840 in the new build you plan to do.

    Enjoy the speed! :P
  19. I actually did cancel the order, I think I'd rather not dish out that amount of money right now, I'm gonna go with the crucial mx100. Then when I do build my desktop, which i'm going to spend a pretty penny on, I'll go with like a nicer ssd like whatever Samsung has. I'd rather put that $40 toward the 8gb of ram, or towards my budget for my desktop. Thanks for all your help! I'm going to order the mx100 within the next hour. Can't wait to get it!
  20. Best answer
    haha! There I am trying to make you feel good about your purchase and you go and switch it up on me :P

    I think that the mx100 overall is the better decision (Really!), as you get something that more fitted to an upgrade for a laptop. The 840 is recommended for basically every new build because of it's performance, but for your situation, saving up for a new desktop is the priority :)

    By the time you build your new computer next year, you may be able to get a 840 EVO 256gb drive for <$100. I bought an 120gb EVO 4 months ago and it was $100, now they are $20 less and onsale $30 less :D

    Don't go changing your mind again! :lol:
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