Asus HD 7770 2GB locks pc after 20 min of gaming

after 20 min of gameplay it crashes, the screen has a white background with lines going through it. and i have to use the tower buttons to reset the pc . this only happens when the graphics card is on load. i can play minecraft for hours with no problems, but with skyrim it crashes once 55 degrees is hit
the graphics card crashes at 55-57 degrees (using MSI afterburner) any suggestions? have a 600w power supply
is there any suggested software to run on this pc that could check the graphics card or other components for flaws?
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  1. Update everything, update graphics driver, get updates from windows, and update the BIOS.
  2. Everything is up to date.
    I have installed a nvidia 8800gt it runs flawlessly for hours at high temps.
    But this was just to check if it was the system or the card
  3. what power supply are you using?
  4. It's a corsair CX600m
    It was bought recently,
    Is there anyway of testing the power supply for faults?
  5. could re applien thermal compound fix this problem?
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