Expansion slot size in case too small for wireless card?

Hi all,

I built my PC a while back, and it has been running great. However I recently noticed that my wireless card has warped the 'bar' below it on the outside of my case. It seems that the wireless card is either poorly designed, and cannot fit properly through a PCI expansion slot in the case or that the PCI expansion slots in my specific case are too small.

My case is an original cm storm scout, in addition the wireless card is a ralink, i'm not sure of the exact model. See the pictures for more details.

You can see the warped bar here.

Here you can see that the black plastic on the antenna is undercutting the bar, and has caused the warp.

Is there an easy way to fix this? Do other cases have larger width expansions slots or is it a bad wireless card implementation?

Moreover has anyone experienced this issue before?


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  1. I have had this problem in the past, however in most cases it has been an issue with a poorly designed case. The empty slot panels would overlap some PCI devices and warp the outer case in the same manner as your problem here. Is the wireless card pressing up against the empty slot panel beside it? Or is it just the antenna base pressing against the case?
  2. The antenna base is pressing up against the case.
  3. Does the same thing happen if you move it to another slot?
  4. that's the only slot i can put it in unfortunately, the other slot is right beneath my graphics card - I doubt it would fit, and even if it did it would obscure the cooling fan on my graphics card.
  5. Is it possible to rotate the antenna base by any chance?
  6. Tin snips :) Shave some off the case
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