Something wrong with either PSU or mobo

I have an msi 970a - g43 motherboard with a amd fx 6300 processor. Next, I have a Corsair CX750 PSU powering this. ( the 24 pin was hard to plug in ) When I power it on, nothing happens. I have tried the paperclip trick, so I know that my PSU works.

I dont know what to do. Help would be much appreciated. thanks.
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  1. what about the 4/8pin?
  2. the 4/8 is connected. every plug is connected ( however this is my first build so i might be a bit off )
  3. now its in the shop to be fixed...
  4. did you install the standoff's on the motherboard tray before setting the motherboard in?......... anyways, let us know what happens.

    cpu was installed properly?
  5. its fixed
  6. Glad to hear all is well ;)
  7. so what fixed it?
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    turns out i pot the power button/led/restart button plugs on the wrong prongs
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