Can i use DDR3 Graphics card on DDR2 memory Motherboard?

Can i use Asus NVIDIA GeForce 210 1 GB DDR3 Graphics Card on Compaq Presario SG3350IL Motherboard?
The motherboard features are in
last time i used XFX NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS 512MB graphic card and now it's damaged so i want to upgrade my system and want 1gb graphic card.
Will the graphics card work??? Please help...
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  1. it will be fine.
  2. Of course can, just make sure that your slot MB PCI-E and VGA PCI-E same. ;)
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    Yes, it'll work. The system RAM supported by the motherboard is not related to the VRAM of a video card.
  4. thank you for your reply... :)
  5. no problem :)
  6. would it work PCI 2.0 gddr5 i am asking
  7. Danbuscus25 said:
    no problem :)

    would it work PCI 2.0 gddr5 i am asking
  8. yes.
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