can this computer run dayz and minecraft mods?

I was just wonder if this pre built computer can play dayz or minecraft with mods? If it cant can you tell me a comp that bestbuy has that can run both of those from mid to min resolution or maybe high if you can pull it off? Thank You and please dont tell me parts to build a comp i understand its better and cheaper but i just dont have the time to build it and risk having broken parts without a warrenty.
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  1. Well, that's fine if you don't want to take time to build it, but all the parts in a custom build come with longer warranty than most prebuilts computers. I can tell you for certain that the motherboard and powersupply in the prebuilts are garbage and you will eventually have costly problems with them.

    That aside, find one with a good dedicated graphics card, something like a r9 250 (260 if you can) if you can find that in the $500-600 range. Even a 7770 should be able to play those games good. As long as you have an FX4100 or FX6300 or an i3 for your CPU you should be good. Though I think your best bet would be a AMD cpu as most of the intel builds won't have a dedicated graphics card.

    Tigerdirect usually has better parts in their prebuilts for a decent price.
  2. You'll never have a good experience in modded minecraft with an i3 or other lowly cpus, it will get choppy very easily.
  3. I wondered that, but don't have much experience with minecraft mods. Will the integrated graphics in an i5 be good enough?

    I'd think you might be able to play dayz on low and MAYBE medium settings with the integrated graphics of an i5.

    But then again the biggest hurdle would be finding an i5 computer for around $500.
  4. Here is a pc build for $526. It has mail in rebates but the price difference between stores without the rebates is about $2 so will cost you at most $540.

    The computer you posted is not suitable for any kind of gaming. With the gt 610 in that thing you will get around 15 fps on DayZ at lowest settings.

    You could also save money on my suggested build by keeping your old OS/hard drive by using Sysprep. Worth looking into as it would save you about $140, assuming your old hard drive is running without issue and you already have Windows Vista or a newer OS. (If you take this option I would then suggest upgrading the video card to an R9 270x).
  5. If i can find a computer for maybe 600 and have a place maybe to build it because i really dont have time for it. So do you guys know if geek squad at bestbuy would build it for me or like a national company that builds computers.
  6. You don't have one computer savy friend (or know someone who does) you could pay $50 to build a computer? It'd take anyone who's done it before no more than 1-2 hours for installation and all updates/drivers to be completed.

    I would think that geek squad or any company would charge you an arm and a leg to build a computer; this would just take money out of your computer budget making it worse. I know a few years ago my mom brought a laptop to bestbuy to replace a CD drive and they charged $50 for just that alone. ( a simple 15-20 min job)
  7. Do you know if i could get a good build on for in the 600 dollar range that has a warrenty or somthing because ive been looking there and it seems like there are some pretty good prebuilt pc's there i just need another opinion.
  8. Sb1232344 said:
    Do you know if i could get a good build on for in the 600 dollar range that has a warrenty or somthing because ive been looking there and it seems like there are some pretty good prebuilt pc's there i just need another opinion.

    The problem with those CyberPower pc's is that the prices start from $655. However at that price they are using cheap components and by the time you upgrade it to the quality of the components I picked out for you previously it will be well over $700.

    If you are adamant you want a pre-built computer then you are going to have to pay the premium for it.

    The trouble you will run into down the line with a pre-built is the power supply as, if you want to upgrade the gpu in the future, you will need to upgrade it. So if you want to buy from Cyberpower, make sure you upgrade the psu.
  9. Here is a cheap $600 one

    This one is $650 and will have a good enough CPU for the mod you want, just going by what cozmium mentioned.

    IF you can by chance move up to the $700, I found one with an r9 270 which is quite hard to find even at this level, the CPU is just "ok".

    That was just a 5 min search, I'm sure you can find something better :)
  10. I might be intrested in the 700 dollar computer but i dont believe i could order that off tigerdirect ive heard alot of bad things about them
  11. I hear a lot of bad things about IBUYPOWER pcs, what's your point? :P

    If they were total scam artists they wouldn't be in business considering how good newegg and amazon customer service is. I've ordered things from them before and never had any issue. If you are talking about not honoring rebates, then there is nothing to worry about here as there aren't any.
  12. What settings do you think these computers could run on dayz and minecraft? The 650$ build
  13. Oh sorry, forgot to link it. lol

    It was just some AMD with an r7 260x I believe.

    Here's one from newegg that would be similar to it for $620
  14. What specs you need on a comp if you want to run dayz great with a r9 270 graphics card
  15. If we are still talking about prebuilts, just have an FX4300 or a FX6300 and 8gb of ram. Doubt you'd find an i3 paired with an r9 270.
  16. Alright so heres what im getting a comp with 6gb ram windows 7 i can get windows 8.1 but whats the point i think the cpu is decent and im getting a r9 270x graphics card do you think this can run dayz and arma 2 and 3
  17. You didn't name the CPU, so it's impossible to say. If it's too weak of one you may bottle neck the r9 270x.

    If it's an i3 or a 6300, you should be alright.

    Arma3 will be the most intensive of the games you listed.,3750-7.html
    Again, it will depend on your CPU.
  18. He said it has 2.5 ghz i believe its i5
  19. Is this a used computer?

    Well, either way, an i5 and r9 270x will be good.

    How much are you paying for this computer and what power supply does it have?
  20. 500 wat power supply 6gb ram a i5 proccesor im getting a r9 270x graphics card he is giving the desktop for 350 with a mouse monitor and keyboard im buying the r9 and hes putting it in
  21. Not a bad deal, glad you did it this way rather than buying a prebuilt :)

    The i5 should use around 75-85w of power and the r9 270x will use 142w at peak,3750-21.html

    You should be alright even with a bad power supply. You may experience some problems if you are maxing out settings on games, but it's hard to know for certain.

    The GTX 750ti would be the safer bet, but the r9 270x should be alright to. If you keep your eye out, EVGA/XFX have good 500/550w power supplies on sale for less than $30.
  22. Dude I really want to thank you maybe when i get back to steam or somthing i can friend and play dayz i really do appreciate u helping i should be getting the computer today!
  23. Best answer
    No problem. A used computer from someone you know is about 5x better than any prebuilt you will get. Really glad you managed to make it work.

    Enjoy your build! :)
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