Any parts to swap or is the build solid and ready to order?

I got my first gaming pc build made for video editing/rendering, streaming, gaming (of course). I tried to pick out the best parts that go together. I will be overclocking this system to see the true power within, that's why I went with the H100i liquid cooling for low temps instead of the cool master 212 fans. I know that almost everything is A1, for example I got the intel i7 4790k 4.0ghz in order to overclock it and achieve the fastest speeds in games and rendering. The only thing I'm not sure about is the wireless card, and if I'm going to need one or not. I have the asus one picked, but I want to know if usb is better than PCI adapters. Anyways it would be greatful if you could give me some insight on wireless cards, cause I'm a scrub when it comes to that.

Btw I have a $1700 max max max budget
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  1. Hi Mack244
    Your build looks good , no probs here :)
  2. Best answer

    Great build.

    If you are into video editing/rendering then you should consider buying 16 gigs RAM. Also you don't need thermal compound. Rest your selection of components is excellent.
  3. Can I have a little bit of info on if my wireless card is good or not and if i should get a certain one. My router is 1 room away I think about (19~20 ft)
    by the looks of it you should be fine 20ft away
  5. Asus AC53 has 5GHz frequency spectrum which is quite broadband and it will for sure provide connectivity for your area requirement otherwise consider any adapter with three antennas or use WiFi extender if in doubt.
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