Help please my computer has become extremely slow.

From some days my computer bas became very slow generally. It takes a long time in startup, hangs when i try to open a folder. It has became unusable. I am facing problems since i installed my ati radeon hd6670. Earlier i had a core 2 duo E7400 2.80ghz, 4 gigs ddr2 ram, 400w psu, it has 17V running through the 12A rail. I doubted that it was my psu but when i ran my pc on on-board graphics and removed the hd6670 it still was running really slow. I am thinking to reinstall windows. Help please.
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  1. the Graphic cards drivers may have caused it you should try reinstalling them and if it dosent work then reinstall windows
  2. it could be a virus problem scan your pc with a good antivirus software .....turn off unnecessary start up programs defrag your hdd remove temporary files if all these fails then do a complete format and reinstall your os ...
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