What is the best Video Game coding language?

I am already learning C++ and I have been told that there are other languages I should learn if I want to go into Video game programming, so what language (or languages) should i learn.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. Who told you that you should learn other languages? They should be able to tell you what languages if they know that much.
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    C++ is the industry standard for game development. It is the most important language you should know. You should also learn the differences between C and C++ in case you find yourself needing to maintain old code.

    For 3D game programming you will need some pretty advanced maths as well as knowledge on 3D APIs, notably DirectX and OpenGL.

    On the other hand if you are less interested in ENGINE development and more in the development of individual GAMES, you might want to learn some specific engine scripting languages such as the javascript and C# subsets used by Unity3D.

    As well as these you should probably know at least one scripting language such as python for fast development. If you want to make android games you will need Java, and if you want to target iOS you will need Objective C.
  3. Depends on what game you want to make:
    -If you want to make 3D FPS game easy and fast, get 'FPS Creator', I don't really like it, but the people who use it like it, so I guess it's not that bad...
    -I use Game Maker 8 Pro, because I'm making 2D games.
    -If you want to make NES Super Mario Bros. ROM hacks, get SMB Utility.

    There are a lot of programs from which you can make a nice game easy, I'm not that much into making games, but I find GM easy to use, and it's customizable, it has add-ons (a LOT) and it's own coding language as well some drag-n-drop features.
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