my budget is 450 euro which is around 600 dollars

hey i am looking for a cheap laptop with a good graphics card for games like minecraft . i need help
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    try looking at:
    Lenovo B590 15.6"

    at that price point getting a decent graphics is hard and that is that lenovo minimum you can really go and lenovo laptops are pretty good as well which is a bonus at this price point
  2. There are so many....What do you look for in a laptop?. Do you want AMD or Intel? Once you pick one that can cut choices in half. The there are other things that can be nice to have like mSATA or Just an SSD for C: drive so it starts up quickly as a laptop you can't leave it one all the time. SSD is a must for me..
  3. The only one with a compelling value for the price point off the top of my Head is the Dell Inspiron 15, You could get one with a Haswell i5 for under $500...Though I think There are a few different variants of this laptop..It may be cheaper to go AMD that way You can get better graphics as their APUs are quite good for the type of games you would play on a laptop...Leveno is good as well
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