spyware scanner found unwanted programs not listed in programs and features

I'm running Windows 7 and a few months back had to remove and some other unwanted programs. I managed to get them off, I beleive. I'm not sure, but I beleive I had to delete some folders to get them off fully. Subsequent Superantispyware runs did not report any unwanted programs.

This morning Avast alerted me was back. I opened a browser and confirmed the home page was hijacked. Avast said it could remove it for me and when I looked, the home page was back and wasn't on my list of programs in control panel>prorams and features.

I ran malware bytes and nothing too bad was found. I ran Superantispyware and it reported regcleaner pro, Advanced Sysrem Protector and AppsHat Mobile Apps were installed. I let the Super antispyware try to remove them and also cleaned out some tracking cookies. I cehcked programs and the 3 weren't there. Re-running Super antispyware however keeps reporting they're in my system.

Any ideas? Was my original removal not successful? Can these apps hide?
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    Check folders under program files and check to see what is running at startup by running msconfig to see and disable any undesirable programs. Be careful though as you don't want to uncheck something that is vital to Windows.
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