Different HDMI Cables.

Hi. I've seen that there are different types of HDMI cables, but is there a difference other than the tranfer-speed? I mean the cable "1.4" is supposed to be for 3D. And the "2.0" is for 4k. So my question is if I dont use 3D, and 4k. Will a "normal" HDMI cable be just as good as the others if I just use it to play games in 1080p.. I wont be able to see the difference on the screen?
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  1. So really you just want to get a "High speed" cable for 3D/4k.. otherwise there is no difference unless you want a enthernet-hdmi cable?
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  3. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    Why all HDMI cables are the same!

    So much this. I actually have those Cnet articles bookmarked for any and every time someone tries to buy $50 HDMI cables. I use $5 Amazon Basics cables. They are literally identical to the $50 cables.
  4. Saves more than a few pennies.
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