what does "20/24 Pin" mean in re. to Power Supply Unit

I am searching on the web, for an ATX 24 Pin Power Supply Unit for a
computer I am setting up.
I know how many watts Power it should be, but when I am looking at the websites in Search Results, most of the Ads say ATX 20/24 Pin.
what does this mean? I know that some motherboards have the ATX 20 Pins
header, and the one I am working with has the 24 Pins header.
please help.
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    Most PSU comes with a 24 pin cable where 4 of the pins are detachable so it wil be a 20 pin and a 24 pin in one :) if it say 20/24 pin you should be fine. :)
  2. the mean the plug support both 20 or 24 pin
  3. The 20/24 pin means that it can be used for 20 or 24 pin setups, the extra four pins are in a seperate socket that can be put in with the 20 pin for modern 24 pin setups

    Power requirements depends on hardware here are two links to give you some ideas or you can post more info on your build and we can give more help (Need to know, CPU, GPU, are you looking to overclock at the minimum)
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