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How to Switch Between Nvidia And Intel Graphic Cards in K55VD Asus Laptop?

Hi... I Bought an Asus K55VD Laptop For gaming and I realized that it has two Graphic cards : Nvidia Geforce 610M and Intel 4000. But I Found out My games run on the Intel even when i Choose it to Run with the nvidia so that my FPS is so low... I Really Tried So Many Solutions But it didn't Work. I want to switch to the Nvidia Video Card.If anyone can Solve my problem I can Tell that he IS EXPERT in HArdware. And I think that my Computer is running the games on the Nvidia but when i Disable the Intel Video Card in The Device manager, The Fps is 5-6 and it Hardly work. but when I disable the nvidia, Nothing happens and it works Completely Fine.
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    1. Right Click on Desktop
    2. Select nVidia Control Panel
    3. In left panel select "Manage 3D Settings"
    4. In right panel select Global Tab
    5. Under "Preferred Graphics Processor" select "Auto-Select" and hit APPLY button

    Now try again and see if it properly selects correct GPU. If not

    6. Repeat steps 1 thru 3 above
    7. In right panel select "Program Settings" tab
    8. Under section 1., check the box for "only programs on this computer"
    9. then hit the "Add" button and find the program that you want to run on nVidia card
    10 Go down to section 2. and select nVidia processor
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