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Hey guys, I have a PC with Specs of
ASUS Z87-A mobo,GTX 660 ,x2 530 series SSD, Corsair carbide 300r windowed, i7 4770,h80i water cooler,550w gold psu,benq 21" 1080p monitor,8GB RAM.
So I was thinking Im looking at an ALienware 17 that is selling for an amazing 1100 with a GTX 770, 16GB RAM and so on. My PC i believe is worth around 1800?Or what do you guys think i should sell it for? Anyways I am more of a mobile gamer and i would love to buy the Alienware for 1100 and if i do sell my desktop i would love to have some extra cash .So i was thinking if this is a good idea.
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  1. You wont get $1100 for that let alone $1800. You MIGHT get $800 for that setup used. If you part it out youd get $900-1000 maybe.
  2. Either way if i figure something out, is this a good decision?
  3. And I added everything up brand new and it came up to around 1800 so ur saying I would loose 800 bucks ? and sell it for only 800-1000?
  4. Not in my opinion. Similarly priced laptops compared to a desktop there is no comparison. For $2k youll get a monster desktop and a so so, overheating mess of a laptop. Gaming laptops really are never a good idea, its hard to cool SLI or crossfired cards in a large case, but confined to 2-3 inches of space in a typical laptop for the same configuration, no thank you. Even tho desktop and laptop cards are not really comparable as far as size and performance. But again, that is only my opinion. People like the idea of mobile gaming, but how much are you really gonna be somewhere and HAVE to game? Its nice to have but compared to a desktop for gaming, desktop every day of the week and twice on Sundays.
  5. And yes ill say that is inaccurate. If you paid $1800 for that PC even when the technology was cutting edge, you got gamed big time. Assuming we are talking in US dollars.
  6. Ya your right, like everyweek i head up to my cottage and I would like to game during the night but than i cant cuz i am not lugging that Desktop around. You have some really good points, and another reason why I wanted to do this is becuase im trying to get a PS4 and TV for my bros so I need some cash in order to do that. Thanks for your help though, appreciate it!:)
  7. And know im talking Canadian dollar, its more expensive here. And i didn't get it for 1800 BTW
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    Ok cool. Always hard to tell currencies here as not everyone is from the US. Stick with the desktop cause itll play just about everything in high or ultra and pick up a console used, either new one or 360 or PS3 and take that up to the cottage.
  9. Hmmmm. The thing is my bros hate used stuff and the PS4 is not for my cottage its for my house. Anyways thanks for the help man.
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