EVGA GTX550TI 2GB vs GTX760 2GB in Dell XPS420

So I am dragging my feet in the "new computer" department. I have an EVGA GTX550TI 2GB card and am thinking of going to a EVGA GTX760 2GB Superclocked. My current specs are below. Currently I can only get about 30-35FPS in BF. Looking to get 60FPS or so at least. Am I just polishing a turd by doing this with my outdated hardware?

Forgot to add I'm using a single 24" 1080P Asus monitor. I do have a second 20"(i think) Dell 1680 x 1050 attached to the card as well that Ionly use to display the EVGA Precision X on while playing games. Both monitors attached using DVI cables.


Current graphics card:

Possible upgrade to this:

Dell XPS420
Windows Vista 32bit
Q6600 2.4GHZ
3 GB ram 800mhz
Corsair GS600 600W power supply
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    You will be able to play any game with 60FPS because i have a GTX760 too and i know it.
    But you cant play any game in 60FPS because u have only 3GB ram DDR2(?) and your CPU may bottleneck the GTX760 in some games.
    So you need a new system if you make that upgrade.

    Your rig is to old for this GPU. Sorry :/
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