Will the Antec VP-450 run my XFX Double D R7 260X?

I bought both these components and don't know if they will work together. The psu has two 12v rails rated at 18 amps each while the 260x requires 19 amps on the 12v rail? Will this work? Do I have to buy any molex adapters or anything?
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  1. I've seen people get those working on even 350w power supplies, you won't have any problems unless one of the 12v rails is malfunctioning
  2. So both rails will be used on the gpu even from one 6 pin connector? Sorry if that's a dumb question, I don't know much about psu's.
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    antec vp450 is an ok psu you shouldnt have wont have to use any adapters at all!xfx 260x requires 1x6pin pcie power cable and your psu can provide that! vp450 has a conbined 12v rail power of 360w that is sufficient for that gpu. the pcie power cable draws power from both rails.
  4. Thanks guys.
  5. Yes, you will have no problems at all with it, if one rail doesn't have enough the other rail and that rail will work with each other regardless of the cables.
  6. ok great ty!
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