new CPU/motherboard = blue screen on startup even with fresh windows install!

Just replaced my old motherboard/ processor with an Asus m5a97 le R2.0 an an fx 6300, computer posts fine, bios runs, but about 2 seconds after the windows loading screen shows up, it blue screens.

I took out the hard drive and booted it in another PC and it works fine, took another drive with a fresh install of windows and tried it in this PC and had the same problem. This makes me think it's the new hardware, but the windows recovery tool, including memtest runs fine, and I wouldn't think that would work with a bad motherboard or processor.

Also, my bios is well past the version that started supporting Vishera, and all settings are on default.
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    If you did NOT do a fresh install on the drive you intend to use with the new m/b, you will get the BSOD because windows is looking for the m/b hardware you used to have. In other words, if you don't format your drive and do a fresh install on the machine for which the hdd is intended, windows will not boot because it cannot find the config files pertaining to the new motherboard.

    Take your old hdd, copy any data you want to keep to another driver, install the drive in the new m/b machine, insert windows disc (usb) and start fresh install. Select format and install and windows will do the rest.

  2. You're right, while the install was fresh, it was done on another motherboard. Thanks!
  3. You're welcome!
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