Is this 500W PSU enough power to feed these components?

Hello everyone thank you very much for taking the time to read my post. I'm helping my friend build a budget PC and perhaps foolishly told him to order a 500W EVGA PSU. He has already purchased a GIGABYTE GTX 750 TI and AMD 760K Richland Quad-Core 3.8GHz to go with his MSI A78M-E35 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard. Will this be enough power or should I get him to order a larger PSU?

Thank you so much for your help and time.

Here is a link to the NEWEGG shopping cart that I snipped with this SPEEDCAP program.

Please notify me if I forgot to include any useful details.

Lastly, overall do these parts look like they will go well together, please make suggestions regarding any components and whether I should swap them out with something else.

Thanks again,

James Connor
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  1. Should be fine, and room to grow into, the 750TI and 760K rig would run fine on a good 400 Watt no worries !
  2. Thanks so much, I was concerned because the video card minimum system requirements is listed as 400W on NEWEGG. Am i wrong to total all of these requirements for (MOBO, GPU & CPU) when trying to calculate appropriate power supply? Sorry I don't know much about this stuff.
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    The reason they have the minimum requirements so high is because of all the terrible power supplies out there.

    Like how there are $20 600w PSUs that are really more like 300w because of how bad they are :P

    The CPU/GPU are the ones that really use the power the most, I never really include the motherboard in my calculations.
    (though it doesn't hurt)

    I reference a list like this most times; it shows the peak wattage of each graphic card.,3750-21.html

    The 750ti and the 760k would actually use less than 400w. But because of how PSUs are priced, there are more quality 450-550w's around for $30-50 while quality 300-400w ones are $25-40.

    The EVGA you chose is adequate. I will say that the W1 means it's not bronze certified, while the B1 is and I would prefer a bronze PSU.

    For some reason your EVGA W1 is way over-priced, it shouldn't be $59.99

    The B1 is actually the same price as the W1 on ($35)

    EVGA 500 B 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified 500W Active PFC ATX12V v2.31/EPS 12V v2.91 3 Year Warranty 100-B1-0500-KR Power Supply Intel 4th Gen CPU Ready

    You want the 500B version.
    jonnyguru review ^
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