what are the best UV SATA cables?

been looking for some good sata cables but it seems some are not that good when it comes to them getting lid up by the light

I do have some lighting in my pc but from you standard pc parts
not sure weather or not the fan leds or case leds would help with the lighting
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  1. More UV light will make the cables glow.

    I would just order several cables, and see which ones I like the best.

    Since I'm always digging inside my case, I try to use a different color for every cable so I can find the other end of the green SATA cable in a hurry.
  2. at the moment i dont have anything uv right now just normal lighting azza genesis 9000 which had blue lighting outside the case
    and a blue light fan should i keep the blue fan??
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  4. @eric418
    yea that sata cable is just find wasnt sure if i could trust them ive heard about them on linus tech tips i think
  5. They have over 5000 5-star rating, so I think you can.
  6. do they have a darker blue
    my lights right now are dark blue like nomral fan blue colors
  7. hmm kinda hard to pick which blue lol now

    i have this MB
  8. uv cables wont glow without a proper uv led or cathode or neon to make them glow
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