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I just bought a used HP mini 311 for my wife. It is full of bloatware and other rubbish and I figured that rather than going through and uninstalling all of this crap manually I would just format and do a fresh install of windows 7.

Since it is a netbook I am using a USB stick to install Windows. I am not sure what the deal is, but I cannot get the netbook to boot from the USB stick.

I have put my windows 7 ISO on the thumb drive, and changed the boot order in bios, but then when I save changes and the computer restarts it just proceeds to boot windows.

I have done this procedure a ton of times on various computers and have never had this problem before. I am wondering if there is something weird about netbooks that make it more tricky? or if there is some sort of work-around I can do, perhaps use daemon tools to load the ISO from within windows, create a new partition and install my fresh windows 7, then boot that partition and from within that windows 7 delete the other partitions?

I am stumped here.
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  2. do I need to run the tool from said netbook, or do I do this from my main desktop?
  3. You run it on any windows system to create the install media .... follow the step by step on sevenforums
  4. I realized that my last question was moronic. I went ahead and just did it on my main desktop, I have formatted the hard drive and am currently installing windows on the netbook. Thank you for your direction!
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