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Hi guys, first time user here, so feel free to lambast me if my question is stupid and/or has an obvious answer. So anyway, I just recently purchased an hp p7 1534 computer system with an ms 7778 "jasmine" motherboard, and a8 5550 pay onboard.
My question is, what would be a good decently powerful graphics card that would be able to fit on my mobo. The area around my graphics card appears limited (maybe someone can look up a picture and confirm just how limited, I could be wrong) and I am worried that I will buy the wrong card and be screwed :(. So I now stand before you, oh mighty wizards of the pc, and ask, which card is right for me? And oh yeah thanks bunches :D
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  1. You bought a prebuilt computer.
    Post your whole build pls

    Current suggestion: 750ti
  2. Wow that 750 to looks like one hell of a card! And no supplemental power cable either? Crazy. Anyway the board: me 7778 Jasmine, the processor, an a8 5550 apu, with a gpu built into the processor, forget what it's called. And a 300 watt power supply, looking to upgrade that as well. I also don't know the name of the case, need any more info?
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    The 750ti should work fine then
  4. Think I'll be able to do at least medium settings on newer games? If so then your my hero
  5. Probably, since this card can do BF4 ~30 FPS Ultra @FHD

    Note that the 750 ti also has a less powerful cousin, the 750. Try not to confuse the two.
  6. Thanks! How does the Radeon 265 stand up to this card? Is it around the same size?
  7. It's faster, but to get it you'd have to get a new PSU.
  8. Hmm I really appreciate the input, I'll do some comparing, thank you so much :)
  9. Your PC specs:

    I can imagine that you aren't working with a lot of room, since most pre-built PC's use mini-towers, so I'd recommend this...

    Small, compact, fast, and doesn't require extra power -
  10. You imagine right! You are now the second person to recommend the 750 to, a pack of geniuses you are :)
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