can any one suggest a suitable and cheap graphics card for pentium 4 3.2 ghz....enough to run games like hitman 4,counter stri

i need a good and cheap graphics card...last one i had was a old raedon x1650 series 1GB graphics card but after installation of drivers it took me to os (i tried with win xp sp3 and recently win 7 ultimate) but it stooped responding just after the welcome screen...each time.please suggest soutions to either of my problems. thank you
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  1. Could you post the rest of your specs?
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  2. well you didnt tell your budget but amd 6670 or gt630 can play these games and even battlefield 3/4 on low to med settings at around 30 fps.these cards ill cost you around 6000 INR.
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  3. Alphawhisky is right here.
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  4. I agree with alphawhiskey. I have the EVGA GT 630 and it runs most (new) games on low to med settings. Its around $60 on newegg
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  5. Its all a matter of budget, how much max money you have for a card?
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  6. ASUS R7 250 2Gb DDR5 costs about 6300INR in,buy it
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